More Berlin Fashion Week Fashion!

Damn. With all this World Cup crap going on these days practically all of this wonderful Berlin Fashion Week fashion slipped right past me somehow. Right under my nose, so-to-speak. Sorry.


If only I had the figure to wear some of this stuff. The glasses, maybe.

Sci-Fi-Prinzessinen aus der Vergangenheit.

More Cutting-Edge Berlin Fashion

And we’re really talking cutting-edge here, people.


I think you have to have a freakin’ fashion Waffenschein (weapons permit) to wear one of those. Or at least you ought to.

Berlin Fashion Week is THE international location for fashion and lifestyle topics.

Underground Fashion Goes Underground

Now if only it would stay there.

Damn. This is becoming quite a ritual (yawn). But this is just what folks at Berlin Fashion Week do, so deal with it. Thirty-four models, four hundred passengers and seventeen labels on one subway train, what’s that get you? An underground catwalk – for the seventh time now already. Sheesh.

“This year is all about kitschy kitsch.”

Berlin Fashion Weak

Hell if I know if they’ll be presenting this elegant ensemble at this year’s freak, I mean show.
All I know is that German fashion (or any other kind of fashion, for that matter) is clearly way too deep for me.

Neben zahlreichen Messen, darunter die Premium am Gleisdreieck, bietet die Fashion Week viel Klatsch und Tratsch bei Empfängen und Partys.

Green Glamour?

In Berlin green is glamourous (wow, that’s a no-brainer).

Makes sense, if you think about it. Green certainly isn’t what you would call a “power” color.

But I don’t know. Do you really want to walk around in sustainable clothes all the time? After three or four months of constant wear, that sustainable sweater of yours  may not be biodegradeable any more.


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