Low point, high point, what’s the point?

Germany’s Ifo-Barometer is pointing south bigtime. After asking 1035 experts about the world’s economic climate (not that other one), they dropped its rating (a credit rating, so-to-speak) from 67 to 45 index points, the lowest its been in, well, quite a long time.


 Are these the good old days again or something?


At the same time, however, German investor confidence has just jumped to its highest level since 2007, this according to a place called the Zew Institute. “By the middle of 2009, the economy is likely to improve again. A sign of hope – no more, no less,” one analyst said.


High, low, more, less, Hauptsache (the main thing) is that everybody stays on the same sheet of music, right?


“Still, the gathering clouds have a silver lining.”


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