All the news that’s not fit to print

What? Reprinting actual Nazi newspapers from the 1930’s and allowing German Menschen (people) in the year 2009 to actually, gulp, read them? Why that’s, why that’s… That’s history!


 There's no news like old news.


Das Unheil (calamity) always comes from somewhere else, you see (Hitler was an Austrian, for instance). Now it’s coming from England (even Germans get tired of reading about US-Amerika all the time). Some British terrorist journalist type has somehow managed to manipulate a Bavarian court that just ruled he can continue to publish his annotated “Witness Reports” series down there.


This is bad or something I guess because Germans are more susceptible to Nazi propaganda from the 1930s than others are I suppose and like with hypnosis I assume they are pre-programmed or even genetically predetermined to start foaming at the mouth and marching into Poland whenever things like this get published I guess, again (funny how you can’t get them to march into southern Afghanistan though).


Alles ist verboten was nicht ausdrücklich erlaubt ist.


4 responses

  1. I once read some leaflets put out by a John Birch society politician praising Joe McCarthy and wasn’t fooled by it. I guess the Nazi newspapers wouldn’t fool me either.

  2. Yeah, I understand. But the neo-Nazis don’t need any encouragement, unfortunately. And any German who might possibly get confused by this stuff now is too confused to be helped anyway.

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