Speaking of stealth technology…

How about some way cool NSA-like spy equipment to help Iran’s mullah regime identify, locate and crackdown on Iranian Internet users? It’s German equipment by the way, or at least in part.

Siemens calling.

Joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks installed monitoring equipment in Iran’s “Telecommunication Infrastructure Co.” government-controlled telecom network a few months back, you see. And now Iranian government spook types have switched on the technology’s full capabilities and are using it to hunt down those who would not do as they are told – that handful of nasty opposition types that won’t go away and is turning out to be more of a handful than the handful calling the shots expected.

This gives the slogan “connecting people” a whole new meaning. But don’t let this type of thing bother you, Germany (I know, it isn’t and it won’t). Business is business, especially when it’s German business. German business is always business for peace and Entspannung (easing of tension) and international understanding and all that.

It just remains to be seen how much easing of tension this easing of tension business will be easing in the coming days and weeks and, well, however long it takes to come.

„Iran hat von „Tätern“ eine ganz eigene Vorstellung – und hat angeblich mit Hilfe von Nokia Siemens Networks mittlerweile eines der weltweit ausgeklügelsten Systeme zur Kontrolle und Zensur des Internets entwickelt.“


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