“My substances aren’t dangerous”

But the ones I just gave you must have been.

The doctor is in!

“A group session at a doctor’s house in northern Berlin left two men dead and another in a coma after their therapist gave them a dangerous cocktail of drugs.”

“The doctor, Garik “Garri” R., is reported to have been born in Uzbekistan. He is a registered doctor with insurance companies and is accredited to work as a psychotherapist… The suspect’s wife, Elke P., runs an alternative medicine practice in the same house, and she was also at the group session on Saturday.”

I think the wife did it.

“He called himself a psychotherapist but what he did was in no way psychotherapy.” Yeah, it was just the psycho part.


2 responses

    • I’m in a clinch with my insurance (non-private) over that one right now, Indeterminacy. The cheapskates. So much for this wonderful European health care nonsense.

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