Right song, wrong verse

Or was it vice verse-a? Damn, this guy really must have a drug problem. Pete Doherty outraged a German crowd and got booed off the stage by singing the not-quite-verboten-but-might-as-well-be first verse of the Deutschlandlied (you know, Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, blah, blah, blah) at something called the On3 Music Festival in Munich.

This guy was definitely on more than 3 too. And although this is a bad thing and all I guess (the singing part, not so much the booing), to add insult to injury (I mean to insult), word is also out that straight and sober and REAL musician-entertainer-type Heino HIMSELF just lost a big court case and will now have to shell out some 3.6 million euros for a concert tour he had to cancel due to illness, and not the mental kind type. There’s no justice in this world I tell you.

Die erste Strophe des Liedes war von den Nationalsozialisten zur faschistischen Propaganda missbraucht worden und wird heute nicht mehr gesungen. Allerdings ist sie auch nicht offiziell verboten. Die dritte Strophe bildet heute die deutsche Nationalhymne (“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit”).


Indignant fans beat crap out of each other

Thoroughly outraged by revelations about a gambling ring that has fixed or tried to rig at least 200 matches across Germany and the rest of Europe, including three in the Champions League, German football fans across the nation spontaneously took to the stadiums yesterday and began randomly beating the you-know-what out of each other.

“We demand stiffer sanctions for this match-fixing nonsense stuff immediately already,” roared one blood-soaked, club-wielding fan. “This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and is just the kind of thing that could give the sport of football (some call it soccer) a bad name.”

German police said on Friday they had dismantled a gang with more than 200 suspected members operating in nine European leagues.

Ex-Defense Minister now ex-Employment Minister too

So I think it goes like this: After a German officer called in a “reconstruction and peacekeeping” airstrike on fuel trucks stolen by the Taliban in a non-war they are taking part in in northern Afghanistan, no civilians at all were killed. Then later, of course, they were.

As long as this isn’t a war, things like this are bound to keep on happening. Further resignations and German-speak like this, I mean.

“Politicians have consistently failed to convince Germans that there is a clear and sound strategy in place for the Nato mission.

Even as militants stepped up attacks on German soldiers in northern Afghanistan ministers refused to refer to what was happening there as a ‘war’

They continued to fall back on the more sanitised line that German troops were involved in a  ‘reconstruction and peacekeeping’ mission.”

“But two-thirds of the German public want German troops out of Afghanistan. And following September’s airstrike in Kunduz, the calls for the soldiers to be pulled out have grown even louder.”

German-US relations under strain again or something

“US President Barack Obama announced that he intends to seek the death penalty if the five defendants are found guilty. German law prohibits capital punishment, yet evidence provided by German investigators will play a key role in the trail.”

“This presents the German government with a dilemma. Berlin can either oppose the use of German evidence in a bid to protect the defendants from execution – and risk alienating a NATO ally in the process – or it can approve the use of the incriminating documents, which would contravene Germany’s position on the death penalty.”

No Capital Punishment in Germany

Everything is as it appears

Or appearance is everything, if you prefer. There’s a reason why McDonald’s Germany is going to start looking a little green around the gills here in the coming months, it’s going to get a green facelift. Management here wants to “reposition the restaurant as a bastion of environmental friendliness” or something.

The 40 new restaurants set to open in 2010 will be allowed to keep the golden arches, but that snappy red background in the sign will be replaced by a green one instead. The facades of the new restaurants will include natural stone and wood too. Ronald McDonald will still be allowed to hang around for a while I guess, but only as long as he’s hugging a tree. By the end of the year, more than 100 McDonald’s restaurants will be outfitted with the new design style.

And best of all, the food will stay exactly the same as it is now.

Today the sign, tomorrow the arches. McDonald’s marches on.

“More than 2.58 million people eat at McDonald’s daily in Germany, while the company employs 58,000 people.”

Now it’s even Cyberkrieg or something

Climategate was yesterday. “Zwei Wochen vor dem Klimagipfel in Kopenhagen bringen Hacker prominente Wissenschaftler in Erklärungsnot: Unter den geknackten Mails und Dokumenten finden sich peinliche Lästereien über Kollegen – und Andeutungen über Daten-Manipulationen. Ein gefundenes Fressen für ihre Gegner.”

“Die Wissenschaftler gehen zum Gegenangriff über.”

Are we having a Climategate yet?

“Hundreds of private e-mail messages and documents hacked from a computer server at a British university are causing a stir among global warming skeptics, who say they show that climate scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.”

“In the 1999 e-mail, Jones wrote of using a trick to hide an apparent decline in recent global temperatures on a chart being prepared for use by a meteorological organization.”

Damn, this global warming debate really is a hot subject.

“The e-mail had been taken completely out of context.”

Herman who?

No, not our Hermann, this new guy. Typical Europe. Or typical EU, I should say. No one has ever heard of the new  European Council President Herman Van Rompuy or European “Foreign Minister” Catherine Ashton (these are way cool and newly created first time ever held positions, by the way).

These “nobodies”, as one news organ here put it, are now supposed to lead Europe? Or as another paper put it, a bit more diplomatically – and accurately: “Europe will continue to talk with itself instead of getting listened to.”

I couldn’t find much dirt on Ms. Ashton, unfortunatley, but the British are quite a secretive lot after all. I did find something on Mr. Van Rompuy, however. Do you realize for instance that his name is an anagram for “roman vampyre hun”? Makes one stop and think, doesn’t it?

“Europa will weiter nur mit sich selber reden, statt gehört zu werden.”