Deutsche Verhältnisse aus Amerikanischer Sicht.

Dazed and confused about Germany in general and Berlin in particular, Hermann Observer (aka Clarsonimus Maximus) is a mean, cynical and nasty old expatriate American who observes the world around him in quiet desperation.

12 responses

  1. Hermann/Clarsonimus, You are indeed böse, gemein und grantig – find’ ich gut! Keep up the good writing! I appreciate your wit and insight!

  2. Hermann/Clarsonimus, you are an evil genius. On par with Dr. No, or perhaps even the cunning Ernst Stavor Blofeld. Because you are so disgustingly cool, I’m offering you this handy portable iPod charger, which works great if you can keep it from not talking.

    Huzzah!, old bean!

  3. Holy K-rap, Joe! I appreciate the thought and all, but my bikini figure looks, uh, different than hers. Do they have any poncho models?

  4. The way things are going here in the Banana Republic once known as the USA, my german frauchen is getting too pissed-off to tolerate the crap and is talking about moving to some place along the Baltic coast like Wismar…where we’d live as curmudgeon ex-pats and have cool summers where we’d bitch about the dampness and lack of heat….like we have [had] in Texas now [then].

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