Ingrid S.

Beautiful German of the week.

Ingrid Steeger

Because somebody has to admire them.


2 responses

  1. When I was in Germany 30 something years-ago, Ingrid Steeger was pretty big. She was Germany’s answer to Goldie Hawn, Dolly Parton and playmate of the year.

    I remember they aired a pilot for an Ingrid Steeger sitcom. She was an unemployed airline stewardess, who with her girl friend, buys a WWII era Junkers transport and starts her own airline. They hire this fat drunk guy to be the pilot.

    Their first job: to transport a bull from Germany to Spain for a bullfight. The bull does not want to get on the plane. So Ingrid does what she does best. She wipped off her blouse and bra, and let the bull get a good look at her puppies. That bull immediately followed Ingrid into the airplane.

    For some reason, I think that if the show remained uncensored, it probably would have had a good audience in the U.S.

  2. Yeah, Murph. She’s/was the definitive “Ulknudel”, whatever that means exactly. Woman prankster is probably closest, but I think with a pronounced sexual emphasis.

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