Rebecca I.

Beatutiful German of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.


4 responses

    • “And yet you still get american tourists in Paris (France) gazing at the filigree structure of the Eiffel tower who do not know that the Statue of Liberty’s internal framework (the armature, not the 3/32 of an inch thin green skin) is also a filigree construction by the same Monsieur Eiffel.”

      Actually Stu, it’s broadly known. Where did you get the idea that it wasn’t, or do you just want to believe that to be true?

      • @NoPasa, I (Stu) do not claim it’s NOT broadly known. But when I visited last time there were about a dozen americans on the tour bus. Chatting about what the tour guide had said, it turned out only 1 of 5 or 6 couples knew about Eiffel’s armature in Liberty. So it’s based on personal experience of an admittedly small sample (there’s scientific honesty for you 😉

        What I would like to believe be true? That the Euro is stable 😉

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