Nicole M.

Beautiful German of the week.

Nicole Mieth

Because somebody has to admire them.


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  1. Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins and commented:
    Germans are my own people, despite my having been born in America, and so I say this in such regard. THIS sort of media (porn) is destroying our children, our families, and our daughters and wives. Women are always attacking men for objectifying them, when in reality women are doing this to themselves via their willingness to BE objectified, sexualized, and whore themselves out for the highest bidder. I hate feminist, flat out, because THIS is not my fault, and its not any mans fault. Women are to blame for this. THIS is not an accurate representation of my German blood, this says nothing of our beliefs, our values, our goals. This, and all women, should be damned ashamed of themselves for being media whores in an age when “refugees” are marching around raping and murdering you… Good, I hope all you whores die.

  2. I just think they’re beautiful to look at, D.M., and that they are beautiful for a reason. I do agree, however, that our niveau continues to sink when it comes to objectifying ourselves and selling ourselves to the highest bidder, as you put it, but this does not just apply to women. We do it as a culture. Think reality TV (President-elect?). We package “reality” and sell it as an object to consume again in the real world. Kim Kardashian Kulture. I just wonder what will come next.

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