Send me those yearning to be free

I always knew that the French had a screw loose somewhere. Thrilled, like Germany, at the closing of Guantanamo in a year’s time, unlike Germany, those crazy Frenchmen are actually willing and even planning to take in 60 of the 245 detainees remaining. Don’t they know that these folks are dangerous?


Time for your daily torture or something.


In other words, the French are putting their money where their mouths are. Germany, on the other hand, welcomes Obama’s decision to close the facility but has no intention of welcoming any of the detainees. That’s a more vernünftige (reasonable) and, well, cheaper reaction (decisions that don’t cost or obligate you to anything are always the more reasonable decisions here).


But the Germans are still willing to talk. They always are, come to think of it. France, occasionally actually willing to do something, has sent its plan to distribute Guantanamo detainees throughout Europe to all its European partners and will be discussing this European solution with European EU foreign ministers meeting on Monday in Brussels, in Europe.


Washington, for its part, has indicated that it would like its allies to take in some of the detainees, but has not yet made a formal request to Germany (duh). Germany, of course, still aglow over its glory years under Gerhard Schroeder when it learned to loudly say no before ever being asked, has effectively said no already. Before being asked again, I mean. But I’m sure these European talks in Europe tomorrow will be very, uh, productive anyway, Europeanly speaking.


Jeder Staat soll entscheiden, ob er Ex-Häftlinge nimmt und welche.“


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  1. Thanks, Ian. They can’t get admired enough. Or, wait. Maybe they can be. Remember Blazing Saddles? When Madeline Kahn does her Marlene Dietrich thing singing “I’m tired… Tired of being admired…”?

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