The Case of the Missing Bruderkuss

Funny, they don’t look like brothers to me.


We just love communism!


But when it comes to “brotherly kisses”, nobody can beat the famous Brezhnev and Honecker Schmatzer (smacker) on the famous East Side Gallery wall in Berlin. Especially now, because it’s not there anymore. As reported earlier, the gallery is getting renovated and thorough Berlin bureaucrats, being thorough Berlin bureaucrats, have had the mural removed.


And they don’t understand the artist’s excitement about the incident, either, being thorough Berlin bureaucrats, like I said. Once the wall has been renovated, they say, all he has to do is paint a new Bruderkuss mural.


Sounds reasonable enough to me. Do you think Michelangelo would have gotten all hot and bothered about somebody removing his Bruderkuss mural from the Sistine Chapel, had there been one? I didn’t think so.



„Der Mann soll das Bild einfach neu malen.“


3 responses

  1. I was in country last week. I have some pretty cool pictures of the old Hessen/Thuringen border where I used to patrol back in the late 70s.

  2. Da war die Welt noch in Ordnung (everything was in order back then)! And you won’t believe it, but you should, a recent poll (they have two or three here a day, by the way) indicates that half of those Germans asked want good old East Germany back. People are not very good at remembering things, wherever you look.

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