Buy German – or Czech if you prefer

So much for my theory about this being a German car subsidy conspiracy plan. What a lemon, this German Abwrackprämie or cash-for-clunkers idea has turned out to be. If you work in the German car industry, that is.


The government stepped in as usual and helped everybody again and no force in the universe could stop them, as usual again. But this time it was the German government helping out the Czechs, unintentionally of course. I know this sounds complicated at first but that’s only because it actually isn’t.

Since Berlin has been shelling out 2,500 euros to anybody who trades in his or her old wreck for a new one, I mean a new car, Skoda’s production plants have been at full production, if you get my drift. Hyundai, Renault and other foreign plants have been profiting from the handout, too.

Hey, the government meant well. They always do. Now if one could only find out how to stop them from helping maybe things might finally start moving forward here.

“Since the end of March, we are in full production — five days a week, on three shifts.”


5 responses

  1. Maybe it will turn out to be in Germany’s favour after all. Buyers will discover what crap they roll around in if they go el-cheapo on wheels, and trade up to a German model. If they still have a job…

  2. The German government would never have left a loophole like that if it was about foreign _people_ coming into Germany.

    But I don’t agree with Ian – I think Slavic cars have soul, as opposed to the cold, hard intellect of German cars.

  3. I saw this show last night on the Speed Channel. West Coast Customs, which I believe became famous on MTV’s Pimp my Ride, has set up shop in Berlin. Last night’s episode dealt with “tricking out” Valdimir Klitschko’s Smart Car. Some of the native characters look like they belong in your blog.

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