Altruism wherever you look

I like this guy’s attitude, I think.

“As a student studying in Berlin for the year, I’m fighting that tired stereotype Europeans hold of the United States of America: that Americans are heartless and lack compassion. They point to our cutthroat capitalist system as well as our failure to guarantee a more equitable distribution of our nation’s wealth. They also bring up the disregard we show for the natural environment. One even mentioned our propensity to resort to violence, both domestically with our high incidence of gun-related crimes and internationally with our notion of foreign intervention.

But this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth…” He then goes on to explain how Americans are actually quite generous and altruistic.

“I give back to the people by drinking beer from liquor stores. Hear me out: In Berlin, you can return beer bottles and other glass products to a recycling center and receive some money in return for your effort. As soon as I heard that, my whole outlook changed – from that point forward, it was all about the homeless for me. With the knowledge that homeless people could derive a livelihood from my drinking, I stopped my selfish habit of simply placing my empty bottles in the trash can; I now prefer flinging them into bushes that homeless people must eventually sleep in, or setting them down right after I chug them on street corners, in order to save them some searching.”

“Sometimes I’ll be seized with such a fit of compassion that I will drink way more than is physically healthy.”

PS: I’m taking my sabbatical year now, for a few weeks. It’s time for a Schaffenspause (creative break). And no, it has nothing at all to do with those last few posts of mine. Enfach so. See you soon or something.


One response

  1. I felt that way too – whenever I walk by some people asking for money – just give them an empty bottle.

    Did I read right? You#re leaving us a for a whole year – or just some weeks? I for one have always been impressed by your blogging energy, and ability to keep your posts fresh and entertaining. Will keep checking back.

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