Twitter endangering democracy here or something

The polls are leaking! The polls are leaking! It’s that newfangled American Twitter nonsense, I tell ya.

Make the Twits go away!

„The apparent illegal leaking of exit polls for German regional elections (in Twitter) has raised concerns weeks before the country’s general election. Forecasts for Sunday’s results in Saarland, Thuringia and Saxony appeared on Twitter 90 minutes before polling stations closed in the three states.“

Wow. That actual exit polls were never released or that the numbers released were nothing more than educated guesses, that doesn’t interest anyone, of course. Concerns have been raised, and that’s the main thing. And oh, wait a minute! I have another newfangled idea for you here: Why not forget about polls altogether and just vote your conscience no matter what? Nah. I’d better see what Twitter tells me first.

Oh brother. It’s good-old German Techno-Angst all over again (they only like Techno music). They’re always frightened of technology that isn’t their own, especially if it comes from you-know-where.

“Es wäre der GAU, wenn die Wählerbefragungen vor Schließung der Wahllokale öffentlich bekanntwürden.”

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