How green is Berlin?

Why Berlin is so green that the brothels here offer eco-discounts to customers who can prove that they came, I mean arrived, on a bike.

How green is my valley?

Or on public transportation (yuk). Now that’s green.

“The environment is on everyone’s lips around here.”

3 responses

  1. There really isn’t anythign green about public transportation. Case in point, after I’ve arrived at my destination, my automobile does not continue running like a bus or subway in the middle of the day with virtually no-one in it. The data they use is based on the lame idea that they’re multiplying a cost/km/seat by the capacity of the vehicle, not the actual energy used x no. of persons x kms.

    As for the cathouses, legal or not, it’s still says very little about the perosnality and charm of German who needs to pay for something easily had by being sympathetic and genuine.

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