Please make him go away

In his latest Black Like Me gig, “Schwarz auf Weiß” (black on white, get it?), investigative reporter type Günter Wallraff is highlighting rampant racism in Germany, again. And again and again and again. And again.

That's Günter Wallraff, wirklich.

Only this time even anti-racist groups seem to have grown tired of his not all so shocking and certainly not so originally provoked instances of discrimination here. Some are even daring to call his techniques treacherous.

Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann – in blackface?

3 responses

  1. Oh, that’s a real convincing disguise. He looks like one of the USC football players from the 30’s and 40’s that put on black face and loin clothes as extras to play Africans in the Tarzan films.

  2. Agreed. Ganz unten was good in 1985, and I am sure there are valid points to be made on the topic in 2009. But really- Blackface? Are there no Afro-Germans who could write this with far more authenticity and genuine experience. Günter, old boy, take up consulting and save the polish for the Sunday shoes!

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