German locusts attack US-Amerika

With American commercial property prices falling to the bargain basement level, unscrupulous German investors are once again turning into a real plague-like pain in the property market posterior and have begun snapping up properties right and left, many of these located in our nation’s capital his or herself.

Let my people go!

Normally quite sensitive about perceived locust attacks taking place in their own county, attacks they invariably see as having been mounted from the United States, these coldhearted clouds of heartless hoards of bloodless brutes will certainly be showing little mercy here now.

Get out the canned goods and potable water. We may need them or something.

“We got one of the best properties in D.C., a brand-new fully rented office on K Street with 15-year leases.”


One response

  1. I hope that their commitment to U.S. investments are not like the past. Chrysler and DHL are examples of German locusts taking over well run, profitable U.S. companies and devastating both the companies and workers.

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