Ex-Defense Minister now ex-Employment Minister too

So I think it goes like this: After a German officer called in a “reconstruction and peacekeeping” airstrike on fuel trucks stolen by the Taliban in a non-war they are taking part in in northern Afghanistan, no civilians at all were killed. Then later, of course, they were.

As long as this isn’t a war, things like this are bound to keep on happening. Further resignations and German-speak like this, I mean.

“Politicians have consistently failed to convince Germans that there is a clear and sound strategy in place for the Nato mission.

Even as militants stepped up attacks on German soldiers in northern Afghanistan ministers refused to refer to what was happening there as a ‘war’

They continued to fall back on the more sanitised line that German troops were involved in a  ‘reconstruction and peacekeeping’ mission.”

“But two-thirds of the German public want German troops out of Afghanistan. And following September’s airstrike in Kunduz, the calls for the soldiers to be pulled out have grown even louder.”


One response

  1. Alles wird gut! Sie werden geholfen !
    Nie wieder Krieg ! Die Moral ist ein Meister aus Deutschland ! Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan, der Mohr kann gehen.

    Klare Entscheidungen im Kriegsfall sind notwendig. Aber aus Stalingrad wurde auch nichts gelernt.
    Frag deinen Arzt, Apotheker oder noch besser deinen Volksvertreter. Du hast ihn doch gewählt, oder???

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