Colder or warmer?

Are we getting any closer yet? Are we getting any warmer? Do you feel like reading about “one of the coldest” German winters of the past hundred years today?


 A bit frisch these days...


Or do you feel more like warming up to an article about how the Baltic and North Sea are warming up, again?


Wärmer geht es nicht.


Strange that you can get such, uh, variety these days, don’t you think? When it comes to newspaper articles about the weather, I mean. Or when it comes to newspaper articles about the climate, if you prefer (yes, I know that they’re different).


Where you won’t get any variation is in the absolute certainty that CO2 is the culprit behind climate change these days (unfortunately, it couldn’t have been the culprit behind the countless climate changes of the past). Talk about a given. It’s not even brought up anymore in these articles. It’s so understood that it’s, well, well understood. It can only be CO2, after all. It’s the law or something.


Of course CO2 is never brought up when it comes to the cold temperatures we’re going through right at the moment, that’s different, that’s just the weather. I understand this. I think. But I’m no scientist, OK? Much less one of those 10,000 objective scientist types working for the UN, and even much lesser so one of those few and far between scientist-in-denial types who either simply don’t get it because they’re not as smart as we are or are on somebody evil’s payroll. The worthless pukes.


But I’m no fool, you know. I’m just a concerned citizen of the world. And I’m freezing my freakin’ *#!?%%! off already trying to figure this stuff out, OK? What do you think? Am I getting any warmer yet?


“Die Studie steht in vollem Einklang mit den Ergebnissen des Weltklimarats IPCC.“

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