Don’t read this, you might not get it

No, not this, you’re bound to get this. I mean this here:


Hot off the press!


Apparently worried that the reprinting of an annotated Nazi newspaper might be taken the wrong way and that the unsuspecting Germans reading it might start goose-stepping uncontrollably all over themselves again, Bavarian authorities are dutifully doing their Vorsorge (prevention) and Bevormundung (paternalism) thing and tying to get the injurious and destructive not to mention nasty little peace of politically incorrect history removed from the newsstands ASAP. 


Admittedly, 1933 wasn’t the best of years in Germany and the Reichstag fire wasn’t one of the most cheerful turning points in German history, but we are living now in the year of our Operation Walküre 2009 for crying out loud, people. You can handle it, honest. Alles wird gut (everything will be OK), OK?


“The paper – the Völkischer Beobachter (People’s Observer), dated March 1 1933 – is the second of a series of Nazi-era newspapers republished in annotated facsimiles by British publisher Peter McGee, who intends to reprint papers up until 1945.”


2 responses

  1. Given the sick past this country’s gone through and the fact there is still a sub-culture of losers who still worship the sick people who brought it on, I welcome any attempt to keep Nazi shit off the shelves. Call it paternalism if you like. I call it street-sweeping, like cleaning up after dogs.

  2. I think most people today would be happy if the Reichstag burned down. (I will probably get arrested for saying this)

    The idea to reprint these papers seems very good – especially in showing the parallels to any modern examples of similar rhetoric. On the other hand, who can say this won’t have the same effect as Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

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