Archaeologist discovers untouched 20-year-old GDR apartment

OK, so it was an architect, but still. Talk about living in a time warp. Or not living in one, I should say.


My, how time flies.


While renovating a building in Leipzig, an architect stumbled on to what might just be the last traces of what appears to have been a crude form of late communist civilization which existed some 20 million years before our time. OK, so it was only twenty years, but still.


Dusty bottles of untouched “Hit-Cola” were left standing on the kitchen table. Proof, I guess, because nobody touched them back then, either.


Hmmm, what a strange, ironic and almost hard to believe coincidence that such an apartment should or even could be discovered in the year 2009, exactly twenty years after the fall of THE WALL itself. But like I said, still.


PS: Speaking of lost traces, check out these Berlin ones here (thanks for the link, Joe).


„Nach Ansicht von Wohnungsmarktexperten ist ein solcher Fund zwar in der Tat selten, aber bei den vielen leerstehenden Altbauwohnungen in Leipzig durchaus möglich.“


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