Joe not home alone

Biden the Basher, that formidable tongue-lashing Mother of All Foreign Policy Experts has officially been let off the leash to come to next month’s 45th annual Conference on Security Policy in Munich and let his European friends know (and heaven knows he’s got a lot of them) that Mr. Cleanup Himself (or at least one of them) has come to redress the wrongs that have been wronged for so long so, uh, right.


 Let me tell you something...


Last year, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who has been allowed to stay on for a bit, criticized Germany and other usual suspect types of wanting to turn the NATO intervention in Afghanistan into a “two tier” alliance of countries willing to fight and others less so.


Like I said, Gates has been allowed to stay on so it might be interesting to see what Joe has to say about the matter, here in Germany, among all his friends. But, then again, practically everything Joe has to say is of interest. If you’ve got the patience to stick it out until he’s finally finished talking, that is.


But if you don’t, and many of us don’t, you can just turn down the volume and look at the pictures. I mean, just look at these here. How can you not love watching that guy speak?


“Wir haben eine Menge Schaden zu beheben”, sagte sie (Hillary Clinton) am Dienstag in Washington.


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  1. How dare you imply that the new VP is a “basher.” When he arrives in Munich, he will give our European friends an inspirational speech….Just like when FDR went on television in 1933 and said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

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