Fritz, Daniel and Attila

No, they’re not stand-up comedians. As a matter of fact, they don’t stand up for anybody, not even the judge. But the chances are good that they’ll be sitting for quite a long time to come, even by German standards.


I sit down for everybody.


The so-called Sauerland cell is now facing charges in Germany of conspiracy to murder, plotting to launch explosive attacks and membership in a terrorist organisation. Tipped off by evil US American security services, German spooks had been keeping them under surveillance for months before busting them big time in 2007. The German Islam converts and company had purchased 12 barrels of hydrogen peroxide and were arrested in their vacation home/bomb factory preparing attacks on American targets in Germany.


Some may wonder how ordinary Germans could have been recruited for an Islamic holy war crusade like this. I wonder were all the other ordinary ones like them are still hiding. Or do they even have to hide at all anymore these days?


“Ich stehe nur für Allah auf.”


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