Talk about your 57 varieties

People over here want a piece of that President Obama magic so bad that they are even starting to line up to get the same kind of dog he has. You know, one like Bo. They want a Portuguese water dog now living in Washington who came from an American breeder in Texas, only for Germans, in Germany.

I used to work for Dr. Suess.

Animal behaviorists over have warned Portuguese water dog breeders to gear up for what will be a huge surge in demand for puppies. Animal misbehaviorists over here have warned the same thing. And animal-rights activists are disappointed with the President’s decision not to adopt a real mutt instead, and not one of these blue blooded, aristocratic types. But who cares what they think? Dumb animals. I mean, dumb animal-rights activists.

“My phone has not stopped ringing and I have had at least 100 people call me!”

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