More German name problems

As you probably know, unless your name is Jihad, you can easily get discriminated against here in Germany. Especially here in grade school, or so I just read.

Kevin alone in Germany.

Sorry, that was a bit misleading about Jihad. There actually are a few other names that are still okay here too. A study just indicated that if your name is Sophie or Alexander or Maximilian or Katharina, for instance, German grade school teachers will treat you with a whole lot more respect than if your name is Justin, Chantal, Jaquelin or Marvin.

Or as one German teacher summed it up, involuntarily, when asked about one particular name: “Kevin is not a name, it’s a diagnosis.”

Funny, those names don’t sound all that funny to me. They almost sound, well, like American names. Hey, wait a minute…

“Eine Studie zeigt, dass Grundschulpädagogen Vorurteile gegen bestimmte Vornamen hegen – und manche Kinder deswegen sogar als besonders verhaltensauffällig einstufen.”

3 responses

  1. Kevin is a diagnosis and not a name?? wtf? I happen to know that the name Kevin comes from the ancient Irish and means “man of kingly deportment, Solomonistic fairness, and the courage one gets from 10,000 Berliner Kindls”. So there.


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