Munich applies for the 2018 Winter Olympics, asks Obama not to help

Organizers in Munich have officially launched the city’s bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

My kind of town.

City officials sent a letter informing the International Olympic Committee of the bid yesterday.

They also sent a really nice letter to US-American President Barack Obama, who they still admire deeply and wholeheartedly, honest, in which they expressly expressed that he should not take any time off whatsoever to help them in their efforts in any way, should he have been planning to do so, which they personally doubt, being that Munich is a German city after all and he is so busy and everything all the time, which they understand and respect perfectly and completely, but they just wanted to let him know, just in case.

“Well, congratulations to president Obama and first lady Michelle. They celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary this week. Well, at first, they couldn’t agree where they should celebrate. He wanted to go to Chicago, she voted for Rio.”

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