Herman who?

No, not our Hermann, this new guy. Typical Europe. Or typical EU, I should say. No one has ever heard of the new  European Council President Herman Van Rompuy or European “Foreign Minister” Catherine Ashton (these are way cool and newly created first time ever held positions, by the way).

These “nobodies”, as one news organ here put it, are now supposed to lead Europe? Or as another paper put it, a bit more diplomatically – and accurately: “Europe will continue to talk with itself instead of getting listened to.”

I couldn’t find much dirt on Ms. Ashton, unfortunatley, but the British are quite a secretive lot after all. I did find something on Mr. Van Rompuy, however. Do you realize for instance that his name is an anagram for “roman vampyre hun”? Makes one stop and think, doesn’t it?

“Europa will weiter nur mit sich selber reden, statt gehört zu werden.”


2 responses

  1. Those darned Belgians slipped up here and prematurely revealed that they are ZOG or Zardoz. I always forget which one but I think it’s the one without Sean Connery in a diaper.

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