This pig foot could be yours!

After you strap a Polish firecracker on it and blow it up on New Year’s Eve, that is. Although… Why you would want to do this is beyond me (like lots of things that get done here).

Germans love blowing stuff up on New Year’s, you see, but they just don’t trust foreign explosive imports (sound familiar?). And a certain annual anti-Polish-firework-movement has even become a near-ritual kinda thang here. German newspapers and cops love to issue dramatic warnings about Polen Böller (Polish fireworks) right before the fireworks hit the fan.

And that’s what this picture is all about. Cops in Berlin and elsewhere are trying to frighten the pants off everybody by showing them what an illegal Polish firecracker can do to an unarmed pig’s foot (don’t worry, they had the decency to kill the pig first). German firecrackers just don’t put holes in your pigs feet like that, I assume.

Anyways, be careful out there this year, people. Blow up your pigs feet and other objects properly and with great care. And buy German. First, I mean.

And while we’re at it, Happy New Year!

2 responses

  1. Come on, all those injuries are great for the GDP! More work for nurses, doctors, prosthetic limb manufacturers…

    I wonder what it would take for them to ban this New Year war zone show – fireworks setting off a fire in a crowded discotheque leading to a panic flight and the deaths of dozens, even hundreds?

  2. No, Ian, they love this stuff too much. It’s too big, kind of like not having that speed limit on the autobahn. Whatever. They should stop picking on the pigs, though. And the Poles…

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