(DSK stands for Dominique Strauss-Kahn) And don’t forget about the DNA, USA and the AL-I-BI part now either.

As Die Welt rightly puts it, this is like something out of a CSI: New York episode. Only much more poorly done. A bit more surreal though, perhaps.

Surreal is actually French, by the way. It means having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream and what on God’s green earth could you have possibly been thinking, buddy?

This is just too weird. And no, I haven’t found a German connection here yet.

Der bislang aussichtsreiche Präsidentschaftsanwärter der französischen Sozialisten sah aus, als sei er durch einen dummen Zufall in eine Folge von „CSI: New York“ hineingeraten.

PS: Thanks for that link, A.K.