Germans just love to go on vacation, as you know. And a lot of them are crazy about going on so-called adventure holidays. It is good for the countries they go adventure holidaying in, I guess. It promotes understanding or something, I think. And world peace.

Anyway, one German tourist vacationing in Afghanistan just had the adventure holiday of a lifetime and is now on permanent vacation, along with an unfortunate Afghan who was travelling with him.

Unknown gunmen killed a German tourist and his Afghan companion in central Afghanistan on Saturday. Two other Afghans were wounded when the gunmen opened fire on the van the tourist was travelling in, a senior police officer said.

In August: Two German nationals were killed last month while hiking in mountains near the capital Kabul. Their killers have not been found.


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  1. Yeah, I agree. It is sad, and irresponsible too. It’s bad enough if they have to risk their own lives like that, but why do they have to endanger the “Afghan companions” in the process?

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