Ozone Hole Fixed Or Something

Now there’s a hole where the ozone hole used to be. No hole at all, I mean. Boy, I tell ya. Times sure are getting pretty unholey when you can’t even count on ozone hole hype anymore. The damned thing just up and disappeared altogether the other day.

Personally, I think German scientists at the Alfred Wegner Institute (and elsewhere) are behind it, but none of the hard evidence is in yet.

Nun jedoch sagen Forscher des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts für Polar- und Meeresforschung: Das Loch ist wieder zu. 

4 responses

  1. The whole hole issue was a phoney one, even at the time. Standing opinion was that it shifts over the years, opening and closing, but even when it was the “burning issue” of the time, the conventional hypothesis was ignored in favor of activists who needed an issue, and found a way of funding their own science using public funds.

    Sound familiar?

  2. The ozon hole closed and reopening every now and then, trees not dying at all, tsunamis not hitting the country. No reactors blowing up. But propellers and sun energy are saving the world from devastation. Collective intoxicaion always moving on.Nothing gained, but what´s next for the Big Nanny to force open wallets?
    Oh, just look over the border. Anyone traveling per car In France needs to carry one normed alco test pipette or pay a fine if not on board. Pure baloney, why should anyone pay for not DWI !

    • Civil Code (which is distinctly different from Common Law), has many quirks. Among them are things like the lack of legal protection for a situation like the one you describe.

      Instead of obliging the law to prove falt, they can actually require the general public to be required to prove their innocence at any moment the law requires. This also opens up the possibility that the person will, at the discretion of the state, be required to engage in teh impossible task of ***having to prove a negative.***

      They don’t really do freedom. They don’t really *get* the idea of freedom.

      • Right, they mostly make the citizen (by Civil Code) pay for things never ordered or not personally needed, because they put the state on top of individual freedom. This pic says it all:

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