Germany Bucks The Trend

While worldwide weapon exports have sunk lightly for four years running now, Germany (along with Bad Vlad Putin‘s Russia) has shown the backbone and moral integrity necessary to do it its way and is earning more than ever.


MeanwhileMerkel dismisses U.S. request for more military help against Islamic State.


5 responses

  1. A German friend posted a pacifist rant on FaceBook about no German father should be deployed to the Middle East during Christmas. I poked her by commenting that 50% of all Bundeswehr tanks and jets are broken down. She replied why should German soldiers should take up the fight when young Syrian men are coming to Germany, running away from their fight. I have to admit, that makes perfect sense to me.

    • Ask her if her pacifist self is cool with selling weapons then — after all, her sweet social welfare is predicated on export sales….and since she’s probably all down with spreading the wealth:
      Tell her this Ami is willing to make sure that no German daddy has to go missing Christmas (hey, my family did sign up and all; fair is fair, nobody gets to ride for free)…but we want some cash money from here on out. I’ll be coming around to collect it. Nobody gets to ride for free — pay up Frau! Times are hard; I need bigger stacks, and yours will do all right.

      • Jenny: My friend is an artist. Artist don’t think about macro economics.

        However, as a 20 year Army veteran, I don’t believe that any soldier should have to get in a protracted war with these scum bags. We defeated the Talibahn in Afghanistan with Special Forces guys riding donkeys with Afghans who wanted the Talibahn gone. We need to fight this war smartly.

  2. Murph, I meant it tongue in cheek. I tire of sanctimony (and yes, from a lot of Americans as well) — my family is military; we always pay for the mess of the old boss who was just like the new boss; increasingly it seems. I know that you know this.
    Oddly enough, once upon a time I was an art minor (once I managed to get to college) and created a whole bunch of artsy stuff (most of which I gave away to friends; the only thing that sells are folksy, decorative trifles and I don’t have the stomach for creating the installations that pass for art exhibits, not anymore)….my question would then be: why cannot an artist think of economics or an economist think of art?
    Poor family, voracious readers: home mechanics to Nabokov — no money for formal education (saving what the GI bill provided)…the blessing or most likely curse of which is nobody to tell you the opinions you form are incorrect, or that it isn’t proper to study such things together.

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