Pull your weight already

Or lose whatever weight you may have had, I mean.

Warning: The following is somebody else`s opinion, somebody you will most likely not agree with (oder doch?). Worse still, it`s been taken from a so-called “blog”.

“The heaviest burden in Afghanistan has been borne by the US, UK and Canada. Of the older NATO nations Denmark has played a major role, contributing more troops and taking more casualties as a part of its population than any other continental European nation. However, other Western nations have not pulled their weight at all, with Germany now acting as the problem child of the Western Alliance.

Germany, with the fourth largest economy in the world and a much larger population than the UK, had less than half of the force strength in Afghanistan as the UK. While British forces are committed to the toughest part of the country, the south, and are there to fight, the Germans have stationed their force in the safest part of Afghanistan, the north, and have and surrounded their commitment with numerous caveats restricting when and how their forces might engage in combat.”

“One of the major consequences of the ongoing war in Afghanistan is a very changed understanding of NATO and the dynamics of the alliance.”

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