Metropolis II

“A full version of Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent expressionist epic was found in Argentina in 2008, and after months of painstaking work, what is possibly Germany’s best-known movie has now been restored to almost its original state.”

“It will be shown at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on February 12 as part of the 60th Berlin Film Festival, with simultaneous gala screenings in Berlin and Frankfurt, with an orchestra playing Gottfried Huppertz’s original score.”

Als Fritz Lang 1924 New York besuchte, war er überwältigt. „Allein der Anblick von Neuyork bei Nacht müsste genügen, um dieses Fanal der Schönheit zum Kernpunkt eines Films zu machen“, schrieb er nach seiner Rückkehr enthusiasmiert in einem Berliner Film-Magazin.


One response

  1. Something deterministic and quintessencially German found in Argentina… I’m almost too scared to look.

    Barking dogs, Gregory Peck fighting with Lawrence Olivier… that kind of thing.

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