Cheapness is what we want

Still. But it looks like we’re not going to be getting it anymore. Here in Berlin, I mean. When it comes to cheap rent.

The average rent for new rentals has gone up nearly 5 percent since 2008, in some of the angesagte (hot) districts nearly 7 percent.

So much for finding your cheap ecologicial, I mean economical niche in Berlin, I guess. Although it’s still WAY cheaper to live here than in other German cities or gar (even) in “real” cities like London, Paris, New York, etc.  And it will probably stay that way for a while yet, maybe, I hope.

This trend will continue, however, the smart guys say. There are ever more renters out there looking for apartments in a stagnant market – and only about 13 percent of Berliners actually own their own. Ich bin ein Berliner, they must be thinking, but I don’t necessarily want to own a piece of it.

Dieser Trend wird anhalten, so der Marktbericht, den die GSW am Donnerstag vorstellte. Denn in Berlin konkurrieren immer mehr Haushalte um die stagnierende Zahl der Mietwohnungen – und Wohneigentum leistet sich nur eine Minderheit (13 Prozent).

2 responses

  1. Koepenick i can believe, but Spandau? Sheez.

    There’s also no clear explanation whatsoever for the general rise in rents that a landlord can get, other than it’s propped up by the number of people who would otherwise be buying houses and apartments.

  2. Yeah, Joe. Looks like Spandau is out – out of the way anyway. I was shocked by the small number of apartment/home owners here (13%). I would have thought it much higher. Not as high as in the U.S. maybe, but higher.

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