Why doesn’t anybody want to become German?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Germans don’t want them to become German.

What a surprise again (not). Fewer and fewer migrant types are interested in becoming German citizens and this is, well, shocking or something – and bound to make most Germans who hear about it happy as larks.

Just the other day they had a great story in the news which was swiftly swept under the rug (I thought it was practical joke again); a group of German politicians suggested giving IQ tests to those interested in becoming German citizens. Makes a lot of sense. If you stop and think about it for a second, I mean. Pitiful. And funny as hell at the same time.

“Böhning hat das Gefühl, dass das Einwandern erschwert werden solle.”


One response

  1. It sounds like a wonderful deal. Who would not want to become a citizen of a country where their great-grandchildren will also be considered immigrants all so they can prop up a geriatric population that planned on large pensions and a long retirement all paid for by the children they forgot to have?

    I do agree with the IQ tests on one condition. Can we also give them to the natives and ausbürgern those that fail? I’m pretty sure this would clear some place for me on the bus, and we’d never have to endure another season of “Big Brozer.”

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