This hurts

To read this, I mean. It hurts from laughing too. This is the most pitiful article I’ve ever read on Spiegel Online, and that’s saying a lot–and that despite the fact that the guy at least got the title right: Obama’s Lost Magic.

Take a minute and read what informed, intelligent and sophisticated European journalists have to say when writing about Obama and the United States today. I would expect sixth graders to think this way, but… Whatever.

Now they are calling Obama a “weakling.” But that’s not fair. Naturally Barack Obama reacts in a more mature, adult way than his predecessor, George W. Bush. The problem is simply that Obama is smaller than the promise he made, and tiny in comparison to the hopes an entire nation placed on him in 2008.

4 responses

  1. Germans never cease to amuse. On the one hand, they’re asking themselves where their Obama is while, on the other, they are finally forced to admit that multikulti is a complete failure. Vorsicht! Please Germans, do NOT put those two ideas together!


  2. Check out Speigel’s companion article: an Interview with Carl Rove. Carl hands the Spiegel interviewer his lunch!

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