Psychosis Is A Waking Nightmare

And this guy’s just reached out and grabbed us.

Andreas Lubitz

He had to have been mad, right? Because if this was just another 28-year-old narcissist having a really bad day then heaven help us all. There is no end to those out there.

Der Copilot des Germanwings-Airbus soll einem Medienbericht zufolge in seiner Ausbildungszeit psychische Probleme gehabt haben.

6 responses

  1. One last question remains: What would this narcissist have done, if the pilot had not left the cockpit during this rather short flight? a) maybe nothing b) take the pilot down to access controls or c) leave the cockpit himself (to do what)? So the concept of regulating always having two in the cockpit seems an good answer for the future.

  2. This is an event that it will cause approach with paranoia to the pilot after that date for all airline passengers.

    And yes, I am thinking same thing.
    “if the pilot had not left the cockpit during this rather short flight?”

    Let’s say, this guy in a crisis, and he will commit suicide. If this person will act in a planned, why he did attribute himself to a chain of coincidences. Is this not a chance that the pilot went to the toilet? What if he had not gone to the toilet?

    • This is a once in a ” billion to the power of x ” case, with the frequency of a comet nearing earth, but the same is true for the mouth slobbering media, that will milk this cow to the bitter end for weeks on.

  3. Well, there really is only one fix to this: address the issue of chronic, toxic narcissism that has pervaded society (all societies). We’ve raised how many generations of children now who were told they were special just because of wonderful little them (and everyone must, must, love/approve/accept them for this, no matter what they do); that were told they could and should be all that they can be…and no thought to preparing them for actual reality (which is that they really aren’t all that special and sometimes you can’t be a firefighter, or in this case pilot, little Timmy, maybe ditch digger is the best you will obtain, learn to make a life of it.
    On top of that we’ve also taught them to question any value system other than one telling them they are special snowflakes and can be all that they can be (with a side order of “anyone who questions your right to do this is a filthy heretic and must be destroyed, and can be without repercussions”, because feelings or some cow pie). What did we expect?
    It’s the plague of our age, and does include 9/11 as well as this and all points between.

    Fix that, and the rest will slowly, painfully sort out to some degree of success. However, this does entail realizing that in life there are no guarantees…other than the whole birth/death thing.

  4. I think you summed that up nicely there, Jenny R. Absolutely, it is a if not the plague of our age. These people are truly living in another world – and it isn’t this one – and here we seem to have an extreme case of what happens when these two worlds collide. And as Syrbal-Labrys put it, I fankly have not felt this gut-punched since 9-11.

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