Speaking Of Posing With Animals…

What’s wrong with this picture?


Dogs are allowed on the beaches here.

Six odd things Germans do in the summer: These summer pastimes show that Germans’ reputation for being uptight and straight-laced sticklers for punctuality couldn’t be further from the truth. Many like nothing better than getting naked and drunk, and blocking up public traffic routes on the way.

5 responses

  1. That is bizarre.I remember the first time going to the beach in Germany and being shocked at how casual women were about being topless. Not like us uptight Americans, ha ha.

  2. As an American, I was born wearing a tiny pair of jeans and a T-shirt that read “Free at Last!”

    And yes, I can hear one German commenting to the other, “I don’t think that is possible.”

  3. It’s about acceptable behavior. Being nude at the beach (or mooning cars on the highway for that matter) in a “socially non-contrarian way” is acceptable in someones’ social circle. Otherwise, there’s always been a measure of “Brave New World” in German society where it’s okay to be a rebel as long as everyone else is..

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