Tax Cuts Not Wanted?

In a country that registered a $250 billion surplus last year? That’s what some survey results are indicating here in Germany.


Doesn’t make any sense, right? Well maybe it does. Germany is also a country where “about half of Germans, including students, pensioners and unemployed are living on state aid.”

Nach dem Regierungsentwurf soll der Bund trotz zusätzlicher Ausgaben zur Betreuung von Flüchtlingen und weiterer Investitionen auch in den kommenden Jahren auf neue Schulden verzichten und einen ausgeglichenen Etat mit der “Schwarzen Null” bis 2020 halten.


2 responses

  1. We know why this came up, Stu. Elections are just around the corner. But I must say that I am always for any kind of tax cuts that come around because, well, they are such rare occurrences and I know best how to spend my own money. That their priorities are wrong is certainly true, their number one priority being keeping themselves in power. They do this by, for instance, making us think they are somehow “giving” us something. They took it away from us in the first place, squander most of it, and then give us a pittance back with a loud ta-da! I guess we’re supposed to be thankful, too. What a racket.

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