Enjoy Your Super Bowl Commercials Responsibly

“In this polarized world, it could easily upset half the country and be seen as political and stepping into something they don’t want to get into.

Der Spot sorgt trotzdem für Aufregung. Viele sehen in ihm einen direkten Angriff auf die Migrationspolitik von US-Präsident Donald Trump.

2 responses

  1. It’s in German, Murph, but there was this really interesting little documentary, tongue in cheek, about this little town in the German wine country that can boast being the homeland of Donald Trump’s grandfather and the Heinz ketchup guy – this came out BEFORE Trump ran for president.

    If you can open the link and forward through it (to around minute 47) you can probably catch most of the interview that they did with the Donald (make out the English in the background?).


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