German Roots?

What? Like hair roots? They look like they could have been developed in a German laboratory to me.


Now we know why this guy rubs so many of us the wrong way. His real name is actually Trumpf. Or it could have been. Sorry, I can’t find a German equivalent for Donald (they even call Donald Duck Donald Duck over here, in case you were wondering).

The ancestors of the “anti-immigrant” crusader Donald Trump come from a small village in western Germany. The documentary film “Kings of Kallstadt” explores the modest roots of the family’s real estate empire.

Frederick Trump immigrated to the US in 1885.

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  1. That article was hilarious!
    First off, while many Americans had economic migrants as ancestors; most of them did not engage in public grope fests of the native women or doing #2 in public pools, and there was no welfare agency so they kinda had to work. They also didn’t demand that America bend to them; they kinda expected that they were going to have to bend to America (and if they didn’t, well, they found out differently). So those Germans can once again take their moral relevancy and shove it up….
    Don’t go bad mouthing our nonni’s and pappi’s Euros…remember: they were the people you thought were worth letting go of….you certainly didn’t mind when they left. And this is a bit of a different situation (or: really check into the situation with Mexico; they are being very selective as to who they let go to El Norte).
    And by the way, another issue having to do with Americans: acting like Indians at those holiday camp things or whatever? Bringing up Indians and slavery anytime you argue with an American (and feel you can go for the cheap point)? It’s a bit…well, it’s a bit. (yeah, I’ve said before, I’m not homogenized whole white milk here…those cheap shots don’t work on me).

    All of this is probably why he’s getting the support he’s getting over here, which really is the only place that matters, support wise. And every time some European or any other non-American says something bad about him…

  2. Personally, I cannot get friendly with The Donald in any way – except that he is amusing, in a reality TV kinda way. However, I think I understand the reasons why the people who support him are so enthusiastic about him. They used to call them Reagan Democrats and the Republican establishment, or Republican elite, if you prefer, have COMPLETELY dropped the ball on this one. I mean, we are used to the liberal elite turning up their noses at these angry folks who aren’t being taken seriously by “those up there in Washington” (think Tea Party, too) but that Republican elites, of all groups, don’t see how important taking them seriously is, well, they have clearly shot themselves in the foot/feet this time. Trump crashed their Republican Party party.

    • That is pretty much it. Also, if one follows what has been going on oh these last few decades, well…it was only a matter of time before people realized that there is no real difference between the two parties — the elites on both sides work for themselves (in Illinois they call it the Combine: it is large, cumbersome, and made of many seemingly ill fitting parts that on the surface don’t appear to work well together and people pay fortunes in order to maintenance the blasted thing, but it does a good job of reaping…unless it completely breaks…then it can burn the countryside down). Cruz, Rubio, Jeb, Hillary, Sanders…all of them are part of the Combine (a quick riff through their actually records and who is donating to them shows that). There are no good candidates.
      However, it isn’t just Reagan Democrats though; it’s a lot of the base and independents as well. They don’t care — they just want someone who appears to actually care about them (this is perhaps their mistake, as nobody truly does). Trump does do this. To be honest, I think his popularity has more to do with the American public wanting to try one last, peaceful time…rather than the alternative. He has stumbled upon the country’s zeitgeist as it were.
      Me? I have few illusions; plus there are things quite beyond what the election of a president will cure — I might as well be entertained. I am friendly because he entertains me…and right now I still have enough vested interest to desire a peaceful alternative to the blow up that could very well happen.

      • and I’m not so sure that the GOP establishment has so much shot themselves in the foot as allowed themselves to be exposed (that’s perhaps shooting themselves in the foot, but this is also the case for the DNC as well…the Combine is starting to rattle and smoke you could say).
        Interesting times…

  3. Trump is the enema of American politics. He is no worse and probably much better than the professional office seekers running. How could he be worse than the descendent of Muslim slavers that occupies the seat now? He is a breath of fresh air and if he wins I am not worried. Hopefully many leftard heads will fatally explode and the asses that have needed a real kicking, will receive it in spades.

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