You’re Guilty So You Go Free

Well don’t ask me. That’s just how the system works here.

Germany’s “last major Holocaust trial” had to end this way, didn’t it? A German court found John Demjanjuk guilty of a abetting the killing of 27,900 people but then set him free despite the, uh, five year sentence.

Well he did have to sit through an eighteen month trial, you know.

The trial, he said, amounted to “torture.”

We can hardly wait

Nobody in Germany really wants this guy here, of course. But…

Lügen haben lange Beine.

Ultimately Mr. Demjanjuk’s advanced age and poor health serve as reminders, regardless of the outcome in court, of how the living memory of the crimes committed during World War II is on the verge of disappearing. Mr. Demjanjuk’s case might well be the last major war crimes trial in Germany, marking the end of an era that began in Nuremberg in 1945.“

Is that a bright side?

„Allerdings muss noch geklärt werden, ob der 89-Jährige verhandlungsfähig ist.“