Zentral Park it ain’t

Although it’s about the same size. Tempelhof was a pretty cool airport though.

 But the bulldozers aren’t finished with Tempelhof just yet. Starting in 2013, the new park will undergo a four-year, 60-million-euro ($48 million) facelift to become the home of the 2017 International Garden Exhibition. By then, it should look a lot more like its storied New York counterpart.

2 responses

  1. 60 million euros = 48 million u.s. dollars?

    Looks like the euro lost a whole lot more value in the last few hours than I thought. Just this morning 60 million euros was about 76 million dollars.

  2. EUR 60M = $76M, Melvin.

    Why they’re spending that kind of money on that part of town is beyond me. It’s a sleepy, slightly unmaintained residential area.

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