Germans still leaving the country

721 000 folks moved to Germany last year, 734 000 left. That’s 13 000 in the red, which is kind of a lot, I guess (especially when you consider the birth rate here these days), but at least it’s less red than the 43 000 in the red the year before, which is good, I guess.

So what does all this mean? Hell if I know. Give the people what they want or something and then they’ll stay. Or maybe they won’t. Hard to say for sure.

Besonders beliebt sind die Schweiz und USA.


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  1. You know, this has been a rough year on people’s savings. Expect that number of departures to go up when the economy improves.

    Indeterminacy: you’re actually quite right. The garden variety low-level diplomat or trade liason flunky in DC seems to shed all that concern for the tweeting birds, butterflies, marooned poley-bears, etc as soon as they move to DC. They seem to go for THE biggest pieces of Sh*t they can find: Tahoes, Expedition, Hummers, Honda Pilots… you name it. Those clowns drive have a thing for driving around these things that are about the size of my first apartment, and do it badly.

    And especially the eastern Europeans: they don’t seem to get that you shouldn’t hold you baby in your lap while sitting in the front passenger seat… or that one should use turn signals, or not cruise around town with your high-beams on…

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