Germany vs. Europe?

Well welcome to the club, Germany. Like what took you so long?

Now, at the worst possible moment, Germany is turning to nationalist illusions. Europe’s past economic successes are now viewed as German successes.

Europe’s current deep problems are everyone else’s except Germany’s. That is neither realistic nor sustainable. But German politicians and commentators are callously and self-destructively feeding these ideas.


2 responses

  1. Now, that we are back in economic pole position, we owe this success to the massive import of German goods by deficit-spending consumers in Greece, Ireland, Spain, the US and elsewhere?

    So in the passed days, when we were the ill man of Europe, whose did we owe this mess? To the then less spending Greeks, Irish, Spaniards, Americans and so on? No, we were blamed to be gulty for these our problems.

    So: alweays when the economy is busting, it’s the fault of us Germans – always when the economy is booming it’s the merits of the others.

    Fine. My corollary: we are blamed by the foreign devils anyway, how ever we act. So, we are just right in doing, what we want, even if Europe crashes.

    Better to sink with straight spine, than living as spineless big spending minion of whatever rotten foreigners.

  2. I can see where you’re coming from, sacrumimperium, that getting blamed by the foreign devils anyway, however you act. I can also understand how you feel that it’s best for you to keep doing what you want, no matter what. I feel your pain. Weiter so!

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