Of Rabbits and Women

I knew Germans were a nervous bunch and all, but geez. A German teacher has accused one of her German schoolgirl high schools pupils, as in before court, of drawing rabbits on the blackboard and telling fellow pupils that she (the teacher) was afraid of rabbits and would flip out just seeing one.

The teacher denied this, of course, then flipped out anyway and hasn’t been back to work since.

It’s about the principle of it all or something. Or was it the principal?

Die Deutsch- und Erdkundelehrerin hatte bereits 2008 eine andere Schülerin wegen der gleichen Sache verklagt.

2 responses

  1. When will all of this pernicious rabbit drawing stop? Next thing you know, pictures of Bugs Bunny with a bomb in his Turban will be making the rounds on the interwebs resulting in massive riots all over Giesenkirchen and NRW.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to pop some popcorn and hide under my couch until this all blows over.

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