Street View II

Or 2.0? The saga continues. Pack your canned goods and potable water, Germany. Street View is coming doch (after all).

But this time you don’t have to worry about lack of privacy and criminal abuse and all that stuff. This time it’s going to be a German kinda Street View thang.

Not only will the faces of individuals and license plates and street addresses be blurred out, German Street View is going to blurr out the houses and the streets, entire neighborhoods, cities, mountains, lakes and streams and other prominent geographical landmarks including some of our planet’s smaller oceans too – but they were kind of blurry to begin with anyway, so there.

People can also ask to have images of their homes removed from the database starting next week – a move aimed at dispelling privacy fears.

11 responses

  1. Privacy rights, not privacy fears. Besides, I don’t see what my family has to gain by having our home on Google street view. Count ours as another image they’re going to have to blur out.

    • If you’re walking down the street, do people need your permission to gaze upon your glorious pate? The only valid argument for exclusion of mapping and imaging MIGHT be on private property, but a street in all legal terms, even when it’s technically the property of the abutting property owners, is still a right of way.

  2. Ian, I really don’t understand all the excitement (obviously). I mean, if one could blur one’s house out for the mailman or for anybody walking along the street (viewing it) anyway, then maybe that would be an argument, but I just can’t figure out why one would want to. None of these people’s homes can be all that, well, interesting. I don’t believe in sinister forces at work here. It’s all because it’s Google (think Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft… what have they all got in common?). German companies have been doing this for years and nobody could care less.

  3. Soon from the comfort of their laptops criminals will be able to trawl the internet looking for places that seem to have lax security. If the Internet makes the search for everything easier, why shouldn’t it be the same for places to burgle? If my place isn’t among those searchable, then of course I can still get burgled, but at least not directly thanks to Google.

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