Anybody out there remember Clay Headquarters in Berlin?

I didn’t think so.

But in case you do, it’s up for sale now. I’m sure it’s a steal. They can’t tear it down (it’s basically an Adolf bunker), so make them an offer they can’t refuse.

PS: You may be familiar with it after all, whether you actually remember it or not. Parts of “Inglourious Basterds” and “Valkyrie” were shot there.


3 responses

  1. HO,

    Oh yeah, I remember that place. When I lived in Berlin back in 87-88, it was the only place I could buy notebooks that had 8/12 by 11 inch pages. I had to go through the check-out line with an American soldier from the base, though, to vouchsafe for me. Yep, Clay Allee brings back memories.


  2. Vividly. It’s also too bad Truman plaza is still an overgrown parking lot that’s still fenced in. I wish they would rip it up and at least plant grass!

  3. You might remember the story of the Turkish mechanic who worked at the Automotive self-serve garage… he turned out to be a Stasi mule who passed on stolen documents from a Sargent working at the Teufelsberg spook-house that the DDR had turned.

    Anyway, they finally tracked down the path that the information was taking, and found the Turkish guy living in a resort town in Florida, of all places.

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